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The INS2-2780W-01 hard case with foam for DJI Inspire 2 is a watertight hard case that features wheels designed to make travel easy...
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  • Wheeled
601.00 €
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The INS2-2780W-01 hard case with foam for DJI Inspire 2 is a watertight hard case that features wheels designed to make travel easy. The hardshell case is impact and drop resistant, corrosion resistant, and features a neoprene seal that when properly closed is designed to keep the case watertight and your gear protected even if submerged in shallow water. An automatic release valve equalizes air pressure when traveling between different elevations.

The modular nature of the interior means that after you've stopped using the Inspire 2 you can repurpose this case by replacing the foam cutout with either the HPRCCUB2780W foam or the HPRCSFD2780W divider kit.

The case will accommodate the following:

  • DJI Inspire 2 with Gimbal Attached
  • Transmitter (Radio Controller)
  • Spare Flight Battery
  • Ipad Mini / Tablet up to 7.9”
  • Crystal Monitor
  • SSD
  • Charger Cables
  • Filters
  • Props + Spare Props
  • Charger
  • Gimbal
  • Gimbal’s Lid
  • Lens
  • Cables / Miscellaneous
  • Miscellaneous
  • DJI Battery Charging Hub
  • Small Accessories / Miscellaneous




Internal dimension 749x525x366(mm) - 29.49x20.67x14.41(in)

External dimension 810x586,5x388(mm) - 31.89x23.09x15.28(in)


with foam: 14.30kg - 31.52lbs




Good product, looks solid. It's really big but you really need all that space, I even want more space to put more batteries


Very nice job. This case is awesome. I can care my inspire everywhere in security. All goodies inside


Ok my inspire 2 case just arrived. First impression excellent, good materials and good quality of construction is exactly what I expected from a company like HPRC. But there is something bad here, in this huuuuge case I have room for 4 batteries and 2 on the inspire??????? As you can see in the photos I have 2 TX and 8 batteries, so you provide me room for 2 chargers and 2 hubs and then only 4 batteries??? When I bought this case I suppose there is room for 2 more batteries under the second TX. Today when I got the case I find out that have space for ONLY 4 batteries?????(This shouldn’t to be said on description??) Why don’t you provide more space under the TXs (you can fit their 4 more batteries) the second layer are totally empty….now I need to buy and the battery case for no reason (and one more case in my luggage’s). Sorry if I am a bit rude but right now I am very disappointed with this situation.


Love HPRC cases. Always excellent quality and perfect fit.


I've used the HPRC case for the dji inspire 2. everything fits snuggly and is secure. because the case has wheels it's super easy to carry. what's really nice is that the zenmuse can stay attached for transport.

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