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Gli ultimi commenti

Michael Steinmann

26 apr 2018

Great products. I´m so satisyfed with your products.


25 apr 2018

Best product Ever :-) Arkadius from Germany


25 apr 2018

The best choice for photo camera


25 apr 2018

New case it fit perfect with props on.


24 apr 2018

I was pleased at first, but I can share my experience after a few months using it 1) wheels are way way too small and you can't use them on something not flat, mine don't turn well anymore 2) the handgrip to pull the case with the wheels is too short, so your legs are bumping on the case 3) it's massive ! but the inside could be optimized, i Had to re-cut the foam to fit some more batteries 4) the slot for the crystalsky needs more space to fit the screen with the base attached to it

Benedict C L

21 apr 2018

Lightweight just as promised! I fitted M240 mounted with 75 Cron, lEVF, lens: 21 Lux, 21 Lux, 50 Nox & 75 Lux; Nitecore M240 charger + USB adapter. All well fitted in precept compartments. Just ordered extra accessory foams for 2400 hard case so I can cut to accommodate my SL lens.


19 apr 2018

Used the case in the photo as a mission control and base station for a DIY weather balloon, which flew to 17km high and landed.


19 apr 2018

Stunning new case arrived for my P4 even better that it can live with the props on - awsome!


18 apr 2018

Da sempre il massimo! Utilizziamo i case HPRC per trasporto di materiale di primo soccorso. Prediligiamo questi materiali per la formazione. Sinonimo di qualità e perfezione. Con quest'ultimo prodotto siamo già a 5 valige ermetiche. Continueremo a scegliere HPRC.


13 apr 2018

Very excited to build a custom instrument case for my horns, will have different setups and I can't wait to get started. Thank you!


13 apr 2018

Ottimo acquisto per il mio fantastico Dji Inspire 2.


13 apr 2018

Ottimi prodotti!!!! le uniche valigia dove hai la sicurezza che il contenuto sia ben protetto!!!


10 apr 2018

Looks and feels super-solid. Pretty easy and fast customization of the inner space. Feels like a great companion to our gear for years.


10 apr 2018

This is a fantastic case for all my Fuji equipment, the partitions fitted perfectly and I still have some room to spare. The equipment in my case are Fuji GFX 50S, 32-64 f4, 23mm f4, XPRO 2, 56mm f1.2, 10 - 24mm f4, 14mm f2.8, Nissan flash, MagMod flash diffusers, Lee filter system along with lots of smaller accessories


05 apr 2018

Congrats fellows this case has very good quality!! I can't wait to put my stuff in there!


02 apr 2018

This tripod case is incredible. It fits my 504hd tripod, plus 4 light stands!


01 apr 2018

My case contains Phantom 4 PRO. It feels strong and sturdy, wheels are good. Levers are easy to use, unlike in some cheap cases I've used before. Few improvements I have in mind. Tiny grains of the red foam are all over the case. When taking out the Phantom, I need to check the lens for foam particles every time. With Crystalsky monitor mount, the controller needs some extra space. I had to cut some foam and red foam grains are all over the controller. Therefore I think there could be a better foam type for the cases.


31 mar 2018

Purchased from B&H


30 mar 2018

Great combo!


30 mar 2018

Wonderful cases. Use HPRC cases for camera and another for lenses. Top quality and prices.


30 mar 2018

Ready to take the Inspire 2 to the field with the HPRC2780W and the insert by McCases


29 mar 2018

bellissimo e favoloso acquisto


28 mar 2018

Great case!


28 mar 2018

It's perfect


28 mar 2018

è stato amore a prima vista , elegante , robusta e capiente . Compagna di viaggio e di lavoro insostituibile


26 mar 2018

This is my second HPRC case. My Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 are really safe to travel. Excellent product.


25 mar 2018

We have bought HPRC products for several times, and we are always satisfied with your products, including the quality and also the supplying progress. Hope you guys keep this up. Thanks


24 mar 2018

Great case nice size and looks good.


23 mar 2018

Great case. Surprised how light it is. Looking forward to flying with it and keeping my tripods safe.


23 mar 2018

Best travel case ever for my professional stuff!