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Ottimo prodotto,e in più è made in italy

Grazie Cristiano, ci teniamo a garantire che la produzione sia di alta qualità, ecco perché per noi il Made in Italy è un vanto.


Finally my Nikon d4s and his 5 lens has a wonderful case , a new HPRC 2730 W Cubed foam :-)

Thanks Stefano for your picture and compliments, enjoy your case!


This is one of the best ever cases I have ever bought. It is well made and the internal foam supports my Inspire 1 Quadcopter perfectly.

Hi Michael and thanks for your feedback on the case, your Inspire drone is safe and protected now!


I really like the case, it will house my DJI Phantom 2+ v3. Here are some changes that would be great: >The v3 controller does not require batteries, make that area a rectangle 3inches deep. >Carve out for rotor guards. >Make the charger area in such a way to limit the strain on the wire >Provide a slot which can accommodate standard notebook 8.5 x 11 >The phone slot needs to be large enough to accommodate an iPhone 6+ with a durable case.

Hi Raulf, thanks for your great feedback, we will consider all of your hints!


I love the way this Case Takes All of My Gear for my Multicopter

Thanks Adam for your feedback!


Awesome case to carry my Phantom Vision + and all it's bits and pieces. Good solid construction - up there with other great Italian products such as Fiat & Ferrari - Thanks form New Zealand

Hi John, we are really proud that you compared or case to such brand as Ferrari! To us it means we are doing a good job! Enjoy your case!


nice case for my video/photo eqipment, really solid. bravi HPRC

Grazie Tiziano, felice che apprezzi le caratteristiche della valigia HPRC che hai acquistato e ne sei soddisfatto!


finally I found a nice solution for my equipment during all my business trips. nice strong case!

Thanks Simona!


This is a very light and wonderful case to store our drone. It keeps it safe from dirt and is held in the case very secure. I am beyond happy with this product and if you are spending $1000.00 on a drone the extra couple hundred is worth it to keep it secure

Hi Danesa, thanks for your comment. It is true that an investment like a drone deserves the best protection. That's why HPRC cares about your equipment and will protect it at best!


This case is absolutely amazing! Best investment I have made for the Phantom Drone. Great for travel and protection. I couldn't recommend more highly! Cheers!

Thanks Dan for being so enthusiastic about your purchase! You have chosen the best way to protect your Phantom, so now you can just enjoy it without worrying of its safety during transport!