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Write your remarks about us, and post a photo of your hprc case, and you'll receive an hprc product in reward!

Latest remarks


27 Aug 2014

High Quality, Professional, Durable. Everything fit perfectly. Would recommend to anyone wanting to protect their valuable electronic gear in it.


22 Aug 2014

Excellent quality case which holds my DJI Phantom 2 perfectly. I would recommend my HPRC 2700W to anyone who wants a quality product to protect their prized posessions.


18 Aug 2014

Great with my Phantom2! very strong and light, a great product. I will strongly recommend it!


18 Aug 2014

Italian Design, need to say more ?


14 Aug 2014

A perfect fit for our Manfrotto tripod! And classy too!


08 Aug 2014

It is a product of supreme quality, very useful and practical to carry my Phantom 2 Vsion +.


07 Aug 2014

Great product! Beats the competition!


03 Aug 2014

I love the exclusive feel the case has. Super high quality and it fits my DJI Phantom 2 as a glove!


03 Aug 2014

Sono una cronista viaggio per il mondo, ho comprato 2 valigie trovandomi bene, ne ho comprate altre 2 per inserire tutto il mio materiale di lavoro. Farò sicuramente buona pubblicità dei vostri prodotti portandovi altri clienti.


03 Aug 2014

Sono una cronista viaggio per il mondo ho comprato 2 valigie per inserire il mio materiale di lavoro. Trovandomi bene, farò sicuramente buona pubblicità portandovi altri clienti.


01 Aug 2014

Finalmente un modo comodo e sicuro per portare nei posti più sperduti i miei pannelli led.


28 Jul 2014

Love the Quality, price, and perfect set up for my equipment.


28 Jul 2014

We have our bag with us in Chile, excellent quality, we are pleased to be able to protect our equipment with your bags


27 Jul 2014

I am very impressed with my new HPRC case. I use it for my Phantom 2 drone, and it is perfect. The quality of this case is so wonderful that I like to just latch and unlatch it to feel the solid "snap" of the latches. I would like to suggest adding a shallow cutout in the foam for small items that are hard to reach in the deeper cutouts. Otherwise, a perfect case!


24 Jul 2014

Excellent product ! It was not cheap, but exactly what I was looking for. Keep up the good work.


22 Jul 2014

I think the case woks great for my Phantom 2 drone!


03 Jul 2014

I have used the case for battery pack


02 Jul 2014

Love the case for my Phantom. I have taken it to 3 countries and it has been awesome.


01 Jul 2014

Ottimo prodotto per attrezzature fotografiche.


01 Jul 2014

Awesome case for the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+! Great quality product.


28 Jun 2014

Awesome constructed case!!! Trust that it will keep my valuables extremely safe!!!


28 Jun 2014

Awesome constructed case!!! Trust that it will keep my valuables extremely safe!!!


27 Jun 2014

Excellent Product! Thank you



27 Jun 2014

Thank a lot you saved me and my team in Paris shipping to my Hotel two news trollyes i broke. You are simply fantastic as your products


24 Jun 2014

Awesome just AWESOME cases!!!!


23 Jun 2014

Awesome cases. Just purchased 5 new cases of various sizes. Had a main case fall out of a van...barely a scuff on the case and the contents were safe and sound!


23 Jun 2014

I love them!


21 Jun 2014

Great case for My Phantom 2 and fits perfectly, thankyou for making great cases


20 Jun 2014

Fantastico prodotto! Ottima qualità ad un buon prezzo.


19 Jun 2014

Just received my 2700PHA2 in the mail and was impressed the moment I got it out of the box. This thing is definitely made to last and will with out a doubt protect my Phantom 2