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  • At Plaber, we don't just design and manufacture watertight hard protective cases branded HPRC - High Performance Resin Cases, we supply carrying solutions even for the most delicate gear. Choose one of our cases or contact us to design  a brand new one according to your requirements. Our know-how and expertise allow us to meet any customers’ requirement, either OEM, B2B or B2C. HPRC cases can be used for all sorts of applications: from medical to hi-tech, imaging to industrial and electronic, military and Government police law enforcement, nautical, medical, outdoor, and many more, HPRC cases provide total protection. On top of that, all HPRC cases are watertight, acid, scratch, corrosion and dust-proof, able to resist to extreme weather conditions and temperature changes (products are tested from - 40° to 80°C). Lastly, all shells and components of HPRC cases are 100% recyclable and life-time guaranteed.