Lightweight, watertight, unbreakable case that can be used to carry every kind of equipment and accessories. Customize it with our Laser Design service!...
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TTx01 strong and light good resin: tough and ultra-light special resin compound providing utmost resistance and unparalleled protection. The Ttx01 material makes the cases withstand impacts, drops and pressures thanks to its high resistance associated elasticity. An HPRC case used to extreme temperatures (the temperature range is guaranteed - 40 ° C - (40 ° F) up to + 80 ° C (+176 ° F) does not lose its own distinctive features


Materials: made of a patented material given by a special compound based on polypropylene TTX01, glass fiber and rubber. It is also composed of PA66, SEBS, PA66GF30, ALU, Stainless Steel


No banding aluminum extra wide: thanks to aluminum and to its extraordinarily large diameter, the trolley retractable handle gives the case both lightweight and utmost resistance, allowing to have high performance, stability and durability in challenging environments.


All-terrain large wheels: exceptionally large diameter wheels ensuring smooth rolling, impressive stability and easy transportation in any surface and flooring

• Built-in wheels that can be personalized with your company’s name


Easy flight size: thanks to its dimension, it turns out to be perfect as hold luggage (maximum dimension allowed before extra luggage fee)*. Easy to carry, comfortable to travel.

*please check with your airline


Lizard Patt: a revolutionary ergonomic handle, made of PP and SEBS material, providing great level of comfort, optimal handling, scratch protection and secure grip, even in low temperatures and wet conditions


Re-designed secondary handle


Double layer corner walls: innovative construction method, based on heavy duty stitching and impact resistant material, able to give maximum protection, long durability and high shock-resistance to the case, reducing the risk to damage the gear inside


All around shell closing lid: ultra light covering lid ensuring secure and perfect closing, giving maximum protection to gear inside


TSA: The housings for the TSA locks are coated in metal, for a longer life


Double material latches: thanks to the use of a double material, the closure system ensures secure closing and easy opening. Highly resistant and safe, it significantly prevents the case to open in case of fall.


Larger name plate included: bigger in dimensions, more shock-resistant and refreshed in design, it allows more immediacy, easiness and durability when using.


Automatic valve which adjusts the air pressure inside


Internal O-ring made of expanded EPDM that makes the case totally watertight


As the whole range of HPRC, the case is watertight, resistant to dust, sand and acids. Withstand falls and impacts: a means of transport guaranteeing unparalleled protection.

The HPRC collection has been subjected to severe tests based on norms / national and international standards, such as for example the ATA 300, IP67, STANAG 4280, DS 81-41.

These tests and certifications guarantee and certify the quality of the product HPRC and  its durability.

Available empty, with cubed foam or second skin.





internal: 771x401x247(mm) - 30.35x15.78x9.72 (in)
esternal: 822x452x294(mm) - 32.36x17.79x11.57 (in)

lid: 46(mm) - 1.81(in) bottom: 201(mm) - 7.91(in)


empty: 7,22kg – 15.92Ibs



Ezio Giovanni

Semplicemente perfetta, mi permette di trasportare in tutta sicurezza e comodità numerose attrezzature fotografiche (fotocamere e obiettivi)


Case is being used for a calibration artifact, Works brilliantly


Prodotto fantastico utilizzato come case per il mio backline musicale! Durevole e super strong!


Friendly customer service, quick shipping and a nice product (HPRC 2745W)! Grazie mille!


Love the sturdiness and the design. Especially the little nob used for pulling up the main handle.

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