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Write your remarks about us, and post a photo of your hprc case, and you'll receive an hprc product in reward!

Latest remarks


29 Jan 2015

After months carrying my FS700 in different bags I am happy to feel Safe to have my rigged puppy protected by a HPRC 2760 and it looks great too :-)


28 Jan 2015

New cases for new GoPros. Perfect fit!


28 Jan 2015

HPRC2100 + GoPro Hero4 = Perfect fit!


26 Jan 2015

Simply Perfect!!!


26 Jan 2015

Great product with maximum safety provided. Light weighted and easy to carry.


25 Jan 2015

Love the case, just ordered a soft case as well!


24 Jan 2015

My phantom case after staying 2 months at the Qatar customs warehouse... luckily i got it back. thanks hprc for the safety!


23 Jan 2015

Great Case with enough space!


22 Jan 2015

Bellissima valigia acquistata per trasportare all'estero delicata attrezzatura topografica. Soddisfatto. Grazie!


22 Jan 2015

Bellissima valigia acquistata per trasportare all'estero delicata attrezzatura per rilievi laser scanning. Soddisfatto. Grazie!


21 Jan 2015

3 corpi macchina, 5 obiettivi e accessori vari! Ora posso volare all'estero per lavoro senza pensieri! Grazie HPRC


21 Jan 2015

Un comodissimo case con ruote dove tutto il mio equipaggiamento audio è al sicuro. Bravi!!!!


21 Jan 2015

Avevo bisogno di un case affidabile per trasportare questo monitor di riferimento in tutta sicurezza e praticità. E con questo case siamo a quota 4........stò facendo la collezione! Evvai!!!!!


20 Jan 2015

I work as an AV Technican and on every job I need to bring different tools and adapters. The rental companies I work for have been using HPRC for many years and there was no doubt that I would go for HPRC myself when building my field-toolkit. This 2500 fits my computer and tablet perfectly and will suit as my "Show" case. I wanted a blue verison as its more recognizeable with the rental cases thats all black.


19 Jan 2015

We recently purchased this case to carry our Phantom 2 Vision Plus. Thoughts: Constructed with quality as a priority. This case serves its purpose and is very protective, while only being light-medium weight. Suggestions: The pen holder is not deep enough to carry a pen with the case closed. Also, a few extra identification cards for the front of the box would be great, just in case it changes hands or if you mess up the original. Overall above expectations.


18 Jan 2015

ottimo regalo. Robusto ,solido,affidabile. Una sicurezza per le mie attrezzature fotografiche.


16 Jan 2015

Great looking, light weight case. Much lighter than my Pelican cases. Can't wait to take it on my flight.


16 Jan 2015

Perfect case. Durable, lightweight and the locks are easy to use. One of my cases is housing the QuantumData - video tester (before insetting foam).


15 Jan 2015

I have used HPRC cases for a few years now, and I can always trust that your cases will protect its content.


15 Jan 2015

Amazing! Fully pro

Erik Knut

14 Jan 2015

Perfect for my MacBookPro and its accessories!


10 Jan 2015

Great to protect my Phantom 2


10 Jan 2015

HPRC speciale per protezione e trasporto in aereo.... SUPER!


10 Jan 2015

This case is great for holding my DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ The quality of construction is exceptional. The wheels are very sturdy and free running and I like the ease with which I can extend & retract the towing handle. It could do with a couple more battery compartments in the foam but other than that this it is perfect.


09 Jan 2015

Greet from TAIWAN! We bought two HPRC cases for the tripods and now they look like a family! The tall one is dad, and then mom, son, and the puppy dog. Pretty awesome, thank you guys!


08 Jan 2015

I just got my first HPRC case. I have been fitting my equipment into it since. I'm really excited about how much it will hold, how well built it feels, and all the convenient handles. I definitely had to be strategic to get what I needed in, but it's going to be so much easier than the previous case I had (a cheap brand with no carry handles or interior padding). I'm using this case to carry my camera and strobes for a portrait shooting setup. Eventually I'll add another case for my tripod, and light stands. My back thanks you HPRC!


07 Jan 2015

Devo dire che la valigia HPRC 2550W è veramente robusta ed esteticamente gradevole nonché professionale. Gli interni sono davvero di alta qualità, le mie ottiche sono davvero al sicuro. Possiedo anche la mio costoso Movie può fare la nanna in tutta tranquillità! ! Il top in assoluto.


07 Jan 2015

Wow Thanks HPRC our Walkie-Talkie set fit nicely in your case.


07 Jan 2015

Solid case, very sturdy construction and excellent price! Bought a Pelican for a different purpose and the HPRC is every bit as good if not better.


06 Jan 2015

I bought this for my new DJI Phantom 2Vision+ and it is incredible. Very high quality material and craftsmanship that fits all components of my Phantom perfectly. Despite its clearly durable construction, it is also reasonably lightweight. I love this case and would recommend it to anyone needing something for a similar purpose,