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Gli ultimi commenti



05 giu 2020

Ce coffre mérite un commentaire positif. Ce qui m'a particulièrement séduit, c'est le rapport taille/espace utile. Avec un petit ajustement (2 sacs ajoutés dans le couvercle), il est exactement adapté à mon matériel. La construction est de haute qualité et promet de durer longtemps. Très apprécié avec cet achat.



04 giu 2020

Just fit in all the photo gear! Suitcase looks nice. Cant wait to go out with it!

United Kingdom


04 giu 2020

Great case! Very solid and plenty of compartments for all my accessories. My Phantom 4 drone fits perfectly.



30 mag 2020

I just received my new HPRC 2780 . I can't wait to put all my equipment in it :)



27 mag 2020

HPRC quality is unsurpassed. These cases go above and beyond to protect our products, and their amazing customer service never dissappoints!



22 mag 2020

Slightly modified to suit costumer needs

United Kingdom


19 mag 2020

I needed a hard case for storage of delicate electronic equipment. I searched and HPRC offered good value for money compared to other brands. So, I gave them a try. I’m really pleased with the quality of the case and it’s perfect for my needs. I’d recommend for certain.

United Kingdom


19 mag 2020

I ordered the PHFX 4x5.65 filter case. This is a great light weight alternative to carrying a bunch of filter cases!



15 mag 2020

Working in a harsh construction environment demands a case of this type to be durable and can take a beating. This case excels in both.



14 mag 2020

Very good, water tight and safe for PC. I use it for PSC Inspection onboard ships



11 mag 2020

I was looking for a good quality hard case that would protect my DJI Mavic 2 and discovered this HPRC by chance, while visiting my local drone retailer in Tallinn, Estonia.. I had originally intended to purchase a case from another brand, but was immediately impressed with the design, build quality and presentation of the HPRC 2400 series case. Like all top tier options the HPRC case meets IP67, STANAG 4280, DEF STAN 81-41 and ATA 300 standards. In my opinion it's one of the best options out there. Great job HPRC.



10 mag 2020

It is the expected product. I had doubts about whether everything could be properly arranged and protected, now I think the second skin has been the right choice. I would have liked to be able to test the product before purchasing it to see if it served me to fit all the material. It would have been perfect and I would have decided sooner.


04 mag 2020

Great case for the Ronin-M!


01 mag 2020

I love it. I got with a gimbal I purchased it is very sturdy. I can pack it around its safe.



30 apr 2020

This is my first experience with this brand and the experience has been very positive


28 apr 2020

Keeping my camera safe while I ride to the next location to use my BMPCC 4K on moto-guzzi! Love my new box!


26 apr 2020

Awsome. Easy to attach the velcro and foam support. Very good construction materials, wheels roll without an effort and the feel of the material is amazing. Hope it will stand the "airport baggage personal treatment of luggages". Been in the video industry for more tham 30+ years and loyal to products like Pelican and Porta Brace, I can tell you that this company is doing the right thing of keeping the prices down and still putting out there good quality cases. I'm using mine to transport my Benro BV10 tripod and I can still have room for 2 light stands and some accessories. Keep up the good work!



23 apr 2020

I bought the second HPRC case because I was very satisfied with the first sturdy case, easy to stack in the car. I recommend everyone to buy a case. I transport my photo items well protected against the weather



21 apr 2020

Spedizione rapida...prodotto perfetto... ...cosa aggiungere...? la filosofia dell'azienda è raggiungere come obiettivo "The 5-star product" strada intrapresa è assolutamente quella giusta. Avendovi conosciuto, certamente acquisterò ulteriori prodotti da voi.



14 apr 2020

Finally our HPRC case arrived. It's perfect for storing our Equipment so nothing gets damaged. Excellent build quality!

United Kingdom


10 apr 2020

Great Inspire 2 landing mode case, strong, but it's big advantage is that it's lighter than many others, which is a real help when full! With so much to carry every kilo counts, and this case does it with no loss of quality.



09 apr 2020

Great case for my new sony fs5 mk 2. I trust that the gear will be perfectlly secured inside



01 apr 2020

Fast shipping. Very well built. It fit all my sound equipment perfectly. Love the colour details thank you


29 mar 2020

I store and transport my telescope in this case. The pick and pluck foam and the semi-cylindrical shape make this case perfect for the job.



26 mar 2020

Ottimo prodotto. Molto resistente. Avrei preferito i velcri dei divisori interni più resistenti, ma il prodotto è veramente ottimo.


20 mar 2020

Ehman Productions Maui Sumo Cases 1 & 2



16 mar 2020

Hello Plaber Team. Love my new HPRC 2300 for ATOMOS V. The cuts are excelent made in the foam. Love the design and coloured handle. As for the build quality, it's among the best in the industry. Keep up the good work guys.



14 mar 2020

I don't often leave reviews, but this case deserves a great review. Excellent quality for the price and beautifully designed.

United Kingdom


13 mar 2020

Fantastic piece of equipment! Very well made and strong!



10 mar 2020