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Gli ultimi commenti


03 ago 2015

Really nice case. Forming the foam was simple and it works great.


31 lug 2015

Very strong little case, i store safely my back-up hard drives, very HAPPY with the purchase.


31 lug 2015

Big Case for many DSLR and Lenses, easy to carry around and very strong no matter how much water hits it.


31 lug 2015

Awesome product! Wish I had bought it sooner!


30 lug 2015

Been waiting for this day for a while is finally here! A place for everything and everything in its place! Love these cases.

Peder Torp

29 lug 2015

HPRC cases are cheaper than other, but have BETTER quality. Better wheels, better handels, better colors. Everything is better with HPRC! More cases will be added to my gear


27 lug 2015

I have seen many cases, but HPRC is the lightest of all!


27 lug 2015

I have seen many cases, but HPRC is the lightest of all!


24 lug 2015

Excellent piece of equipment for the Phantom 3. Looking forward to additional purchases for my Go Pro

John Martin

24 lug 2015

This case will protect my Phantom 3 forever.


23 lug 2015

Great case - does the job very well!


22 lug 2015



22 lug 2015

Ottima valigia! Perfetta per il nostro sistema di acquisizione, e perfetta per ogni occasione!


21 lug 2015

Great case! Solid workmanship! My Phantom 3 loves it as much as I do!


20 lug 2015

I have both your tripod cases (6300W and 6400W). Love the construction and build quality. It fits my O'Connor 1030HD with tripod as well as an Induro hi-hat. The only tripod case of its kind that opens like a case. The one flaw in the design for me is the retaining straps. As its held on by velcro, it easily comes off when the tripod shifts inside the case. A small point that does not detract from the case.


20 lug 2015

Ottimo prodotto, ci hanno fatto tutti i complimenti.


20 lug 2015

Love it! So does our dog.


18 lug 2015

Amazing case! My DJI Phantom2 fits perfectly! I wil love traveling with this case!


17 lug 2015

Very nice case! Love the red accent handles. Suggestion - the layout drawing would be excellent to have it affixed to the inside top of the case.


17 lug 2015

Perfetta per il mio HDD


15 lug 2015

Great case. Well built. Love the two level storage but yes, I would have loved more "battery" spaces and not just the multi purpose lower area. Still love it with that one flaw.


15 lug 2015

Great case for carrying my Inspire 1 during my travels. I know it is a big case but would there be anyway of creating/adding shoulder straps to put it on like a backpack for short treks (e.g. 15-20mins) to a takeoff location.


14 lug 2015

It is a cool case. But I need more storage for the batteries.


14 lug 2015

A perfect case for Tripod an Slider together!


14 lug 2015

Perfect for my gopro love it


13 lug 2015

un vero spettacolo grazie HPRC


12 lug 2015

I am extremely happy with this case. Its quality is great, very light and internal compartments are well thought out.


11 lug 2015

Perfecta para el phantom 3 y todos sus accesorios.


10 lug 2015

The case works great to my blasting equitment;)


08 lug 2015

Uso da anni una 2550w per due corpi più varie lenti, ma mi serviva una borsa dedicata alla testa panoramica robotizzata con camera e grandangolo per quando vado a fare panorami sferici. La 2460 è della misura perfetta, sono certo che non mi deluderà nell'uso quotidiano :)