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Write your remarks about us, and post a photo of your hprc case, and you'll receive an hprc product in reward!

Latest remarks


Hi everyone, I recently bought an HPRC2500 (not found in the 'item code' list?). Great case! Feels very robust. However, I provided a small adjustment. As you can see on the picture I 3D printed my own nameplate. I already had an HPRC2780W that is also fantastic and big enough for a lot of fragile components. This case will soon also receive a matching nameplate. Thank you very much for these great suitcases!

Hi Frans! We really love your adjustment1 Thank you for sharing it with us.


Buon prodotto, un po’ pesante ma sicuramente molto adatto a proteggere il phantom.

Lorenzo, molte grazie del commento! Ne terremo in considerazione per migliorare ulteriormente il nostro prodotto.


Plaber...Thank you for making such a great case specifically for the Phantom 4 Pro. I looked at other options but found yours to be the most logically laid out for organization and the color combination for the Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian is a real eye catcher. I had some troubles with the internal foam with the MicroSD card case (HPRC1100) and am still working on a solution for that. The build quality is very good and I really like that the 3 side handles are stiff and remain in place when needed and don't flop around making noise. Is it possible you could make a case for the DJI CrystalSky monitors? Thanks again for a great solution! JH

Dear Jason, many thanks for your appreciation! We already wrote you an email in order to respond to your request and we remain at your disposal for any other inquiry. It will be a pleasure to help you!


Case used for R&D project.

Hi Nan, we hope HPRC case was a great companion!


My HPRC2500 carries a monitor

Hi Paul! Our cases are thought to respond to our customers needs. Hope we met yours!


I received this over the weekend and I believe the case was customized...I'm seriously impressed.

Dear Patrick, we are so pleased to hear that our case fit your expectations. Your satisfaction is ours!


Best built case i’ve ever seen. Thanks for a great product.

Geoff, thank for choosing HPRC! Trust in our cases and enjoy your DJI without any worries!


Wonderful product!! Thank you!

Dear Pierre, thank you for your appreciation! Make the most of your HPRC!


Case for projector lens.

Many thanks for sharing with us, Anders!


Brand new HPRC 2500 we use to store and move a DDA mixer!

Thank you for your appreciation, Pierdomenico! Great use of the HPRC2500... Your mixer will definitely be safe there.