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Love your rolling cases. The four wheel rollers are really helpful for stacking several cases at a time for transport. Thanks, great design.


the cases are used as first aid kit, for the fire departement. they are very strong and durable. best cases ever

Thanks for your appreciation Neil! We love to keep your equipment safe!


Finally got a case for all of my stuff this summer!


I own multiple HPRC cases and I’m really happy with them. I use my 6500W to carry either a full size video tripod or my background support kit + 3 light stands + 1 boom stand + umbrellas and reflectors. It’s very rigid and relatively lightweight compared to other cases I have of the same class. I do recommend it.

Ciao Leo and thanks for sharing your experience with us. We are happy to provide you our cases to protect any kind of equipment! 


My first HPRC case, but definitely not my last !

Hi Schippers! Thanks for your comment. If you need new HPRC cases we will be happy to assist you!


Extreme Quality Product! I can manage all my instrumentation!


We use them for DCP (digital cinema package) and have used several hundreds with no problems. Best suitcases you get!


Thanks HPRC, for equipment protection on all my trips!


HPRC2250 is ideally sized for Nikon D5000 series of cameras, fitted with versatile 18-200mm lens, including space for spare batteries and a geotagger. This is ideal for canoe travel in the remote areas of northern Canada. Photo shows D5600 and Solmeta Geotagger N3 and 2 spare camera batteries.

This is what we pretend from our cases: to protect your gear while travelling so that you can be fully focused on your job only. Please forward to us images during your amazing journey, would be great to see our cases in action! Thanks again for choosing us. See you soon 


These cases are perfect fit for my Digital Sputniks