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Write your remarks about us, and post a photo of your hprc case, and you'll receive an hprc product in reward!

Latest remarks


Fantastic case, I use a bunch of them and they’re always worth the money.


These are great cases and HPRC customer service is absolutely the best I have ever encountered anywhere! My case accidentally got a screw lodged between one of the wheels and the case that prevented it from turning and consequently it developed a flat spot before I discovered the stuck wheel and culprit. This caused the case to roll unevenly with a bumpy "clack clack clack". I contacted HPRC seeking a new replacement wheel, but after I had no luck in replacing the wheel they sent on my own, they sent me a new case! This is service that LEGENDS are made of! HPRC now has a customer for life and I will recommend them whenever I can! I am currently using my 2600W for my sound gear, but it has had many roles throughout my ownership. Cheers from Brooklyn, New York!


Perfect product!!


This case is very solid and robust. All accessories do perfectly fit inside of the precisely shaped foam. I can definitely recommend this case for drones.


Grazie a questa valigia non ho più paura di portare la mia preziosa attrezzatura Hasselblad in giro per il mondo.


Perfect for sensible projector lens!


Strong case, very usefull, very nice!


Nice case. Good quality!


I finally found the perfect case for carrying a BMPC light setup!


It would be good to have a way of locking the hinge pins in place. My wheeled case, moving over car parks and roads the pins vibrate lose and can easily be lost. A Hinge with a grub screw into it may be an idea.