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Very nice case. Clean design. Very durable. Will purchase more in the future.


We have chosen the HPRC 2300 to develop our new range of waterproof inverters.


Very good product ! Robust and easy to handle !


High quality material and build. We use these cases for all of our rental and demo equipment.


ottimo come sempre!!!

Grazie Stefano!!


It is very good product. Easy to handle.


Wanted something I could trust with my mavic. The 2400 fit my specifications perfectly, sturdy build at a fair price. My experience with other HPRC products has been very good so I jumped on it. Very happy with my purchase knowing I don't have to worry about damaging my drone


Hola, muchas gracias por el pronto envío y por la calidad, realmente parecen unas buenas maletas, justo lo que estaba buscando!


Just got my mavic and looked around for a simple case / backpack to put all in. Ended up with the HPRC 3500 with the foam inserts for the mavic. Insanely good, was a bit "bit pricey...?" at first, but after receiving and comparing to other bags I have had, this one is worth every penny! Don't think, pay the price and be bloody happy! :D

Thanks Marcus! Every day we do our best to exceed customer’s expectations!!


Prodotti sempre perfetti per sicurezza e trasportabilità