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Write your remarks about us, and post a photo of your hprc case, and you'll receive an hprc product in reward!

Latest remarks


Prodotto incredibile, solido e affidabile. Spedizione velocissima davvero consigliato!!!


Hi, I use it for my Rode microphone together with Rode Filmmaker Kit. Agreat case for that. I use another HPRC2350 for my DJI Maviv Pro (but have lost the gift code for that :-(


An exceptional, indestructible suitcase that takes me to a Stockholm. Thank you for your great products, an Italian pride


This is by far the BEST case I have ever owned. I think I actually prefer it to the contents inside the case!! It is very well designed, very light weight yet rugged and tough and is quite a delight in its own way. The case is very professional looking and would suit any type of use. It's beautiful. I love my HPRC case!


Ever considered making a version of 2780 without wheels, as an alternative to 2780W?


Grande capacità, ottima qualità e....très chic!


Remarkable quality and top notch durability, perfect for Icelandic volcanic environment. I had Sony Fs7 survive many falls and water accidents and I'm very happy with the purchase.


So nice, perfect for my needs.


Working @ Explo I have to deal with your Products on a daily base. They are awesome to work with, keep up the good job.


Very nice job. This case is awesome. I can care my inspire everywhere in security. All goodies inside