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e questa è l'ottava HPRC !!!

Lorenzo, ma grazie davvero per la tua fiducia e fedeltà!!


Très content pour cette valise, protège bien mon drone et permet un contenu assez important pour les accessoires.

Bonjour Julien!! thanks a lot for your comment, we appreciate. 


A little heavier than what it looks like in size... I also think that one inch more in width would be the ideal... Very solid protection on the other hand for a double lock hard case....


a perfect size to weight ratio hard case for protecting compact camera/audio kits

Thank you Athanasios for choosing our case. Your gear is for sure in safe hands with HPRC! 


I keep buying HPRC cases because they are the best. This case said it would fit the Osmo+. I had to make a few little trims of the foam and then it would fit, not perfect but it works and I feel confident it will protect my gear. It has a ton of room to fit all the extra stuff you want to take with you as well. Great product.

Hi  Josh, and thanks for your feedback! We are glad that you are happy with your choice! Enjoy your case now! 


Holds my DVX200 perfectly, along with batteries, my SmallHD monitor, and a slew of other accessories! Perfect case!

Hi Jay, and thanks for your appreciation!


Excellent case, my tools and other personal stuff fits perfectly.

Hi Gabor, our case will take good care of your equipment! Thanks for your appreciation! 


These cases are built as tanks! They will protect your investment with no doubt! https://youtu.be/97Id206gtc4

Hi Daniel! Thanks for your comment and for the confidence in HPRC!!


Das Ding ist geil und sicher

Vielen Dank!


It's very good for me :)

Thanks a lot Zsolt!!