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Gli ultimi commenti


05 lug 2018

Great product. I love it. It is built like a tank.


03 lug 2018

Ottima resina e tenuta stagna, con lei le attrezzature viaggiano al sicuro


30 giu 2018

Super Koffer der für alle Lagen geeignet ist und bestens schützt! So bin ich mit meiner Phantom 4 überall sicher und komfortabel unterwegs. Ein echter Hingucker!


30 giu 2018

Hi there ! Here is my 2710 case proudly taking care of my telescope mount. I now am sure I can go anywhere with my equipment, without fear. HPRC has handled this deal perfectly, from my first technical inquiry to the a very fast delivery from Italy to France. Ordered the case on Tuesday, it arrived in perfect shape on Friday. HPRC was always very prompt to answer my questions with accurate info and friendly words. The case is just as I hoped : Rigid, not too heavy and the handles are just perfect. Nice red rubber allows for a firm and secure grip, as well as perfect looks. Something tells me this 2710 is only the first of many HPRC cases I'll eventually own to take perfect care of all my astro equipment.


28 giu 2018

Incredible Resin Cage!! I could organized all my hard disk in the same place!! HPRC2600 it was perfect for my purpose!! Thank You so much!


27 giu 2018

La foto parla da sola...usiamo HPRC per tutte le nostre attrezzature! Prodotto ottimo e servizio eccellente!


26 giu 2018

I love this case. Keeps my LED lights secure on the road. None better on the market!


26 giu 2018

A brilliant case that keeps my tripod and light stands secure on the road. None better.


25 giu 2018

Perfect for carrying my video gear...and the colour means it will be hard to lose!


24 giu 2018

Epic Case for my Inspire 1 PRO ! Always searched for something practical that could fit all the gear i need within one case ! Could fit everything i need PLUS my parachute and my FPV KIT ! :D Big thumbs up for this one ! Only con's would be the weight of it , but it's okay with wheels ! :D


22 giu 2018

Ottimo case! posso trasportare il mio Spark in tutta sicurezza !


21 giu 2018



19 giu 2018

amazing resin case ! I use it to carry and recharge Ipads.

Anton Andreasen

18 giu 2018

I just received this case and it’s just amazing.


18 giu 2018

Upgraded my drone from Phantom 4 Pro to Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7, so had to upgrade the case as well! It's a pity two Cendence controllers with patch antennas didn't fit in the controller slots (and there was room for only one Clearsky monitor), but decided to make room for the controllers to the accessory slot. The HPRC cases are of exceptionally good quality!


15 giu 2018

Amazing quality, I'm stunned!


14 giu 2018

Absolutely awesome Hardcase for my rig, Atomos, cables and so on. I´m very happy with the case. It´s built to last, lightweight to handle and cheap compared to pelicases - but quality doesn´t have to hide behind Peli :-)


13 giu 2018

Great fit and lightweight!


13 giu 2018

After an initial little heart attack upon opening the case and seeing the Inspire 1 detail sheet, I was relieved to find that the case was for the Inspire 2 - so all good !! So onto the review in earnest. What an awesome investment. Quality in workmanship is vitally important when you invest in protection for equipment that’s worth close to $10,000. This case ticks all the boxes-well made, well thought out and light as a feather. So glad I made the investment in a HPRC case to protect my drone and equipment. Its not often I say thanks for providing me with the goods and having it available to buy - but seriously, thanks HPRC for delivering the goods !!! Cheers from Down Under, Geoff


13 giu 2018

After purchasing the HPRC 2710 case for my drone I was so impressed by the quality and professional design I couldn't go anywhere else than HPRC for a second case for my goggle the HPRC 2460, the quality of these cases is astonishing, well done HPRC. Kind Regards John Bridgewater


09 giu 2018

Incredible Resin Case as always (:


09 giu 2018

Just like his big brother (Inspire 1) before him, my Phantom 4 Pro is resting inside a very well built HPRC case. One note I have is I don't feel comfortable leaving the propellors on the aircraft... it seems like they need to be bent slightly in order to fit in while still on, like the foam is not wide enough. Maybe it's just my paranoia. Other than that I love it!


08 giu 2018

Absolutely in love with my resin case. I have already bought three cases, one of them for my phantom 4 and I have to say that all my equipement has never suffered any damage. Nice design, perfect usability.


08 giu 2018

Best toolcase I ever had. I has taken beatings, but just shrugs them off like a champ. My tools and equipment has never been safer.


07 giu 2018

I have just 'gone bush' over some pretty rough roads with some delicate camera equipment. Mud, water, loose sand. Loading, unloading, strapping down. Took it all in its stride. Not even the slightest problem. More than happy to recommend this product to anyone.


04 giu 2018

Perfect case, i find it much better than my pelicase. will be buying more. Great cases


03 giu 2018

Hi everyone, I recently bought an HPRC2500 (not found in the 'item code' list?). Great case! Feels very robust. However, I provided a small adjustment. As you can see on the picture I 3D printed my own nameplate. I already had an HPRC2780W that is also fantastic and big enough for a lot of fragile components. This case will soon also receive a matching nameplate. Thank you very much for these great suitcases!


02 giu 2018

Buon prodotto, un po’ pesante ma sicuramente molto adatto a proteggere il phantom.


31 mag 2018

Plaber...Thank you for making such a great case specifically for the Phantom 4 Pro. I looked at other options but found yours to be the most logically laid out for organization and the color combination for the Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian is a real eye catcher. I had some troubles with the internal foam with the MicroSD card case (HPRC1100) and am still working on a solution for that. The build quality is very good and I really like that the 3 side handles are stiff and remain in place when needed and don't flop around making noise. Is it possible you could make a case for the DJI CrystalSky monitors? Thanks again for a great solution! JH


30 mag 2018

Case used for R&D project.