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Gli ultimi commenti

Juan Carlos

16 ago 2018

La mejor maleta para tener todo el material del DJI Ronin M organizado. Los compartimentos están perfectamente estudiados, puedes meter todo el material que necesitas para un rodaje con el Ronin; la opción de meter el brazo entero sin desmontarlo esta muy bien. Además tienes sitio para meter un monitor de 7" y unos cuanto accesorios mas que necesites. Sin duda es la mejor maleta que hay para este estabilizador. Muy contento con su robustez y calidad de los materiales.


08 ago 2018

Grandissima la valigia. Ci metto tutte le mie cose delicate per la subacquea....


07 ago 2018

Best Standcase we have ever buy. Mega solid and ultra lightweigt


05 ago 2018

Capiente e resistente la usiamo per contenere due macchine da presa ursa mini pro e accessori


04 ago 2018

I am using the case for my film equipment - It fits great for my GH4 and the inlay is very well made. 210% dope!


04 ago 2018

This case is excellent! Thank you for the fast shipping and such a high quality product.


02 ago 2018

Great case, have now used it for 11 years and keep finding new uses for it! Case used to house our old hvx200 and accessories, but we’ve since converted it to our audio case. Just added a lid organizer as well and just made the case even better! Reliable cases, great warranty, and looking forward to adding another 2700W soon!


31 lug 2018

Great case! Great quality and the colors are perfect! Beautiful design.


30 lug 2018

Fotografo a bordo campo partite di lega serie A e B, Possiedo 2 Valigie 2700w - 2550w2017 -le uso essendo prodotti sicuri e affidabili, la resistenza senza paragoni per trasportare la mia attrezzatura di valore e poi sono made in Italy, le consiglio vivamente a tutti......Loris Cerquiglini


30 lug 2018

Would be great if the external material could be a little bit more smooth (not so porous) for applying a label or a sticker with the company logo.


30 lug 2018

My growing family is getiing bigger. Thanks for a super product!


30 lug 2018

Toughest case on earth!


29 lug 2018

Congrats HPRC ! I bought a HPRC case with foam for my Ursamini pro before leaving in Beijing for a shoot ! I am very satisfied and feel safe for my camera ! Good job !


28 lug 2018

Killer solid and lightweight case!


27 lug 2018

Perfect case to protect sensitive equipement !


26 lug 2018

Another great case. Thank you HPRC!


22 lug 2018

Very high quality case and foam insert. The Phantom 4 has a number of delicate components, but with this HPRC case, I can travel without worry. 10/10


21 lug 2018

Grande valigia perfetta per il mio field monitor HPRC da sempre garanzia di qualità

Sunkyong Kim

20 lug 2018

I was thinking to buy Pelican cases but HPRC looks better and cheaper so I decided to buy HPRC 2550W. Now I can put a lot of equipment for traveling around. If I get more gears, I would buy more HPRC cases. It is very impressive that HPRC products are very stunning. I do feel that HPRC cases are innovative compared to Pelican cases but there are few things to fix: 1. Locking mechanism: Pelican cases have two steps to unlock it and each lock is quite heavy to open it. But HPRC 2550W does not lock tightly that I need to worry about unlocking the case unintentionally. 2. The lock hole looks fragile compared to Pelican which uses metal plate. 3. Advertisment: Seriously? HPRC cases are great that I heard about it recently but I see only few posts on Youtube, Facebook, and more. How didnt I know HPRC for a long time? When I was testing Pelican cases from B&H, HPRC cases were right there and got my attention right away. More videos on Youtube might be great like HPRC 2780 with 4 wheels. I've been using Pelican cases for 4 years but in school but after I saw HPRC 2550W for more than 10 times, I bought it. 4. It is hard to know the version of each cases. I see a lot of people confused about HPRC cases unless they check the release date or newely designed wheels. I look foward to buy more HPRC products in future as Im going to work as a professional photographer. Nice prodcuts. Gift code: HPRCJT 01469


19 lug 2018

Great look and feel. I can travel worry free.


13 lug 2018

HPRC is with me on the road for every gig. Sturdy and durable cases which have remained intact through years of flights and trucks on the road. Thanks!


12 lug 2018

I bought the 2700W for my DJI Phantom 4 and I love it. Really good storage solution for drone with plenty of additional space for your accessories. I have purchased many Peli cases before and these are even better in my opinion.


12 lug 2018

Ho sempre comprato HPRC, 5400 è molto grande, molto buono!


12 lug 2018

Maravillosa maleta para que mis walkies viajen tranquilos.


11 lug 2018



10 lug 2018

I just ordered 3 of your 2500 hard cases and 1 of your 2700 hard cases for our new cameras. I love them all! I have been using your 2700W for our DJI Phantom 4 drone and it has been great! I love that I can unlock the slide handle with one hand. Love your products.


10 lug 2018

An amazing case. The perfect size for a portable projector, auxiliary speaker and associated cables and accessories. I searched many manufacturers of these style cases and found that the HPRC case was the best for the job. Have already ordered another one and will need more in the future.


08 lug 2018

This is my DAN complet for divers first aid, I really enjoy quality of this product. My DAN oxygen unit work very hard during the lesson and when we're on the field.


07 lug 2018

I have another box as well and they are fabulous! I house cameras in one and in this one, an espresso machine!


06 lug 2018

Good product