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job picture

GREAT job picture! So pleased you have shared it with us, Olivier!


Ideal case for any application. I am using the case to store the GPS athlete monitoring units, power, cables, and USB hub. The pluckable foam is extremely easy and convenient. The 2400 is the ideal size for transporting the units in a safe way.

Husain! Thank you for sharing it with us, showing one of the many uses that you can make with our HPRC 2400!


Nice case, big enough for use as table when preparing the Inspire 2


I have used my Hardcase for a while now and I love it. It is perfect when bringing The drone and all you need for a Day oui.

Dear Emil, thank you for your feedback! it is good to know that you succeeded to reach your goal with our case! Our mission is to give everyone this possibility.


Very durable, fantastic product. 3rd case I've purchased

...Each happy customer is a big success for us! Many thanks for your great review, Zachary! We hope to hearing from you soon.


Absolutely love this case it is so amazing and have used it loads 10/10 would recomend

Great, Christopher! Thank you for sharing it with us and recommending it!

Benedict C L

This is my second HPRC2400 Hard case, my testimony of its lightweight, ruggedness and ease of setting up the foam with pre-cut to fit my requirements. I have placed Leica SL lens 90-280; 50 LUX & 90CRON comfortably into the case. Now considering a third case .... for my other SL Lens.

Dear Benedict, that's what we expect from our cases: protect your equipment during your travel, ensuring ease to use and lightness! Your photography gear is for sure in safe hands with HPRC! We will be happy to help you with your further purchases!

Michael Steinmann

Great products. I´m so satisyfed with your products.

Hi Michael, thank you for your appreciation! Your satisfaction is our goal and it's what make us always to keep improving!


Best product Ever :-) Arkadius from Germany

Hearing such a positive and enthusiastic feedback is always a pleasure for us. We love your customization, Arkadius! HPRC team is always at your disposal...warms greetings from Italy!


The best choice for photo camera

Thank you for your appreciation Andrei! Enjoy your case and your camera!