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Gli ultimi commenti


Ottimo case! posso trasportare il mio Spark in tutta sicurezza !

Grazie Fabio! Siamo contenti tu sia soddisfatto della tua HPRC! Lì il tuo Spark è al sicuro e potrà seguirti ovunque!



Amazing! Thank you for sharing!


amazing resin case ! I use it to carry and recharge Ipads.

Great use of your HPRC case, Cedric! Safe, easy to transport and strong!

Anton Andreasen

I just received this case and it’s just amazing.

Many thanks, Anton! Make the most of your HPRC!!


Upgraded my drone from Phantom 4 Pro to Inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7, so had to upgrade the case as well! It's a pity two Cendence controllers with patch antennas didn't fit in the controller slots (and there was room for only one Clearsky monitor), but decided to make room for the controllers to the accessory slot. The HPRC cases are of exceptionally good quality!

Dear Ville, thank you so much for your review! And now...stay tuned: new Tuning cases will be soon available!


Amazing quality, I'm stunned!

Hi! Your CANON will be at safe in our HPRC3500! Great choice!!


Absolutely awesome Hardcase for my rig, Atomos, cables and so on. I´m very happy with the case. It´s built to last, lightweight to handle and cheap compared to pelicases - but quality doesn´t have to hide behind Peli :-)

Thank you so much for your feedback, Daniel! Really appreciated!


Great fit and lightweight!

Hi Miguel, we hope that our case can fit your expectations! Thank you for sharing with us!


After an initial little heart attack upon opening the case and seeing the Inspire 1 detail sheet, I was relieved to find that the case was for the Inspire 2 - so all good !! So onto the review in earnest. What an awesome investment. Quality in workmanship is vitally important when you invest in protection for equipment that’s worth close to $10,000. This case ticks all the boxes-well made, well thought out and light as a feather. So glad I made the investment in a HPRC case to protect my drone and equipment. Its not often I say thanks for providing me with the goods and having it available to buy - but seriously, thanks HPRC for delivering the goods !!! Cheers from Down Under, Geoff

Dear Geoff, what a pleasure to hear this! Enjoy your drone and make the most of your HPRC! Always at your disposal. HPRC team


After purchasing the HPRC 2710 case for my drone I was so impressed by the quality and professional design I couldn't go anywhere else than HPRC for a second case for my goggle the HPRC 2460, the quality of these cases is astonishing, well done HPRC. Kind Regards John Bridgewater

Dear John, many thanks for choosing HPRC! Your high opinion is a great success for our team, as we are always trying to improve our products quality and service. Warm regards!