HPRC2250 for 6 Universal Microphones

Protect your microphones during storage and transport with the MCF6-2250-01 case. Customize it with our Laser Design service!...
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Protect your microphones during storage and transport with the MCF6-2250-01. Made of injection-molded special resin compound, this case is watertight and resistant to external agents. The foam inlay will fit most microphones from major brands including Shure, Sennheiser, Rode and Neumann.





-Custom Cut Foam for up to 6 mics

-Waterproof, Crushproof and Dustproof Hardshell


-Vector Panel - Increased Protection and Easy Organization

-Lizard Patt - Ergonomic Handle made of PP SEBS Material

-Automatical Air Pressure Valve



COMPATIBLE WITH: Shure SM58 /LC/SE/S, Shure BETA 58A, Sennheiser E835/S, Sennheiser E845/S, Sennheiser E935, Sennheiser E945, Neaumann KMS105&104, AKG D5


Lifetime Warranty.


The images are for the sole purpose of presenting the product. The case is sold WITHOUT equipment.





internal dimension  236x182x155(mm) - 9.29x7.17x6.10(in)
external dimension 258x230x170(mm) - 10.16x9.06x6.69(in)


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