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Indestructible resin case, guaranteed for life to house either the 27” or 24" Eizo monitor totally safe.


The internal pre-cut high density foam can is completed by 4 additional foam inserts to absorb any impacts: 2 inserts to be placed in the upper part of the monitor and 2 "adapters" to be placed at the bottom, designed for the 24" monitor. There is also a compartment to house the protective hood and others for all accessories and cables.


The case is provided with wheels and an extensible handle to carry it as a trolley.


The Vector Panel, placed above the foam, increases the protection of the equipment and allows a quick and easy organization of the space.


The images are for the sole purpose of presenting the product. The case is sold WITHOUT equipment.





internal dimension  720x320x600(mm) - 28.34x12.60x23.62(in)
external dimension 776x380x649(mm) - 30.55x14.96x25.55(in)

internal dimension
lid: 85(mm) - 3.35(in) - under handle: 59(mm) - 2.32(in) // bottom: 540(mm) - 21.25(in)




HPRC products are amazing: quality and safe! Are quite expensive but it worth it!

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