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Latest remarks


05 Feb 2014

I fly with the 2600W almost every week, even though it is too big to be officially carry-on size it fits in most airplanes like Boeing 737 etc. Great case


13 Jan 2014

I love my HPRC 2500W. I swear by this product, for its construction, durability, size, and material choice. It has been with me on over 500 jobs in the course of 4 years. The perfect airplane companion. Even when not using it for jobs with my camera equipment inside. I started to use it on my leisure travels. I love having something I can sit and stand on while I am abroad, never know when you will find yourself on a long line or waiting around. This case just takes all the abuse i put it through, including accidentally falling off a moving car at 80mph, and nothing broke or distorted. The customer service and company policy is amazing, my handle broke after years of usage wear and tear, coming out of a airport baggage area. called the company in Italy, within week and a half I got my new handle. Now I look forward to my Phantom 2700wpha2 and telling the world about it. Keep making amazing products Love you guys!


11 Jan 2014

I would like to purchase a HPRC HPRC2700PHA2 for my product, but I am not sure where to purchase one? The HPRC 1400 case (22LT) sold me on your products craftmanship. Thanks. Keep up the good work


10 Jan 2014

My 2600W is "lifeproof" and 4yo boy that wants to ride it like a GoKart proof, too! I have my thinkTank Airport Backpack inside and can check it on a flight with no worries of anything breaking.


10 Jan 2014

My HPRC2400 case in BLUE is light and small enough to carry and capacious to hold all my action camera stuff.


17 Dec 2013

The New Phantom Case is really well constructed and durable. The extra compartments come in handy for your GoPro camera/accessories and other random parts.......