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21 Sep 2015

I wanted a case that was specific for the 3DR Solo drone. This case has extra spots for accessories and fits the drone perfectly. The construction is strong as well and I love it!


21 Sep 2015

Love the product ! Best case to carry my 3dr solo without taking the wings of ! Thanks HPRC !


21 Sep 2015

Just setting my new HPRC 3500. No one produces this type of case. Strong backpack for rough travels!


21 Sep 2015

We love our new HPRC DJI Inspire 1 case. It holds our Inspire and many accessories and is a great launch platform for some of our larger birds! This case is awesome in build quality and layout and we will look to HPRC for our future UAV cases!

Jan Till

19 Sep 2015

Great Product. I use it for my DJI Ronin-M Gimbal and it fits perfect. Enough space for additional equipment like a monitor, batteries and grip. The big advantage is that you have access to every part directly. You don't have to remove any foam parts to enter the lower level. Thanks


18 Sep 2015

One of the best cases I have for my camera equipment. Nice and durable. Good choice always!


16 Sep 2015

Very sturdy!


16 Sep 2015

La mia compagnia di viaggio ... sempre, ovunque, e sempre e ovunque la certezza di avere la mia attrezzatura fotografica protetta e al sicuro da urti e in più la comodità del trolley che mi facilita notevolmente gli spostamenti.


16 Sep 2015

This case is a very well built and easy (and fun) to configure the space with the cubed foam. I primarily use it to carry/protect/organize my camera flashes, battery grip, and other accessories in studio and on the road. (The attached image is showing the current set up. More items will be added to the case later)


14 Sep 2015

After a careful search of a CASE for my Ronin M I decided to take one of ufficilae HPRC, are super satisfied! Really TOP product!


14 Sep 2015

I have bought the Hprc3500 hard case ruck sac with the padded divider bag insert. Im really happy with my purchase, the bag is stylish, rock solid and provides excellent protection and security and is just what I was looking for. My only downside is that I thought after looking at photos of the bag with the divider pack before my purchase that the bag would have sponge under the lid (I have attached a photo from the HPRC website). I would have liked the hard shell bag to have a foam padding under the lid, my only concern is when my camera gear (2 slr body + 3 x lenses) are put into the padded divider kit (around 6KG) and the bag is locked and on my back the divider kit moves around and hits against the hard shell lid. By inserting some foam under the inside of the lid this would reduce any worry that my equipment may bang about once inside the hard shell bag + have a more snug fit. I know the divided kit is padded but I do worry a bit that if the bag does take a hard hit or moves around constantly when I travel that it may course my camera gear to hit about a bit. P.s. I am not talking about the foam inserts to cut out space for your slr and lenses which I know can be bought separately. Kind Regards, James Davies.


14 Sep 2015

Great cases. Just tested on a 2 week road trip around the US. Performed perfectly. Next stop is a 12-city international tour. Thanks HPRC!


13 Sep 2015

Awesome case! Feels very solid and safe to store my DJI Phantom 3 in it. Very pleased!


12 Sep 2015

Perfect for my Dji Phantom 3


11 Sep 2015

When I saw an HPRC case was available for my Ronin M, I didn't think twice about getting it. I know my Ronin M will be safe and secure where ever I go. The case is a stunning product, well made, and as a Panasonic Lumix G Ambassador I know I now need to get one of these cases for my cameras and lenses.


11 Sep 2015

Hello HPRC team! The PHA3-2700W looks and feels very tough but is ultralight. Thank you very much for such a fantastic product! I really enjoy to use it. A little tip: the name tag could be adapted to the biggest standard sizes of business cards so all of them would fit perfectly. As Ming-Ta already wrote below, it is very loose. Regards Chris


11 Sep 2015

Love the case, fits everything I need.


10 Sep 2015

I love my 2700w case with the custom Ronin M molding. This is my 3rd HPRC case for my production equipment and although it was a little pricey, I know it's a quality case thats going to last! Love these cases! Stylish and tough!


10 Sep 2015

I love the HRPC2550W for its simplicity in design and weight! Took it camping and it preformed very well holding all my photography equipment.


09 Sep 2015

A great case to send our product with.


09 Sep 2015

Thank you for sending me the HPRC1100 gift for my review. Its appreciated and not many companies treat thier customers this way. This is a testament to your company's policies.


09 Sep 2015

Sempre ottime soluzioni di spazio e insuperabile protezione interna!


08 Sep 2015

the best case for my bussines ,i'm so happy


07 Sep 2015

Our HPRC case for the DJI Phantom3 is great. Solid and organized. What can we ask more? Perfect.


05 Sep 2015

This is my first HPRC, I chose it to house my Phantom 3. I love the way it came precut for everything, I didn't have to do anything but insert my gear. Gotta love that! James


05 Sep 2015

This case protects my Music Studio. Mac Pro Computer, Pro tools HD Hardware, Uaudio Octo Satellite processor for plugins, External Drive, Headphones. Can make music anywhere.


03 Sep 2015

Ecco la mia nuova 4800w Perfetta per le mie luci HMI!


03 Sep 2015

You make beautiful and rugged cases! I just put a Dana Dolly in one. It feels safe and secure.


28 Aug 2015

1. Name Tag is very loosen, it can be drop out easily when the case is open! 2.The locks only on the upper of the case, I suggest please have two more locks on the lower of the case. 3.If the free HPRC gift can not send to Deutschland befro September-20, Please ship to the address below: (No.13, Ln. 112, Zhonghua Rd., Jinshan Dist., New Taipei City 20844, Taiwan) Grazie mille.


27 Aug 2015

New case is much lighter than my previous case AND fits in the overhead bin of US aircraft. Now I just need to customize the top foam layer.