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01 May 2015



01 May 2015

Our case contains our brand new Cartoni camera jib. The HPRC rifle case has a very sleek design and looks wonderful, but seems a touch thinner and less rigid than our usual pelican cases. We haven't subjected it to the wear and tear of video production life yet, but I have every expectation that it will hold up fine.


30 Apr 2015

I have been using pelican case for 20years and Just had DJI phantom with HPRC case ... i thought it will be a cheap construction...but its not, lighter and soft locks.... also great water proofing on raining days... most important is price is worth~


30 Apr 2015

You can fit any equipment in this nice looking case.


29 Apr 2015

oggi ho comprato la mia terza cassa, la 2600,la utilizzo per portare la mia attrezzatura fotografica,in particolare l'ultima arrivata e i miei flash. Penso che le casse hprc sono comodissime e durature visto che le altre due le ho da molto tempo.


25 Apr 2015

Outstanding case for my DJI Phantom quad copter. Everything fits great, plenty of room and yet safely stowed.


21 Apr 2015

Great case for a even better price. Looking forwatd to buy another one :)


21 Apr 2015

Prodotti spettacolari, anche per usi non proprio standard ;)


17 Apr 2015

great product

Juan Manuel

17 Apr 2015

Excellent Product!, I have it for my phantom 2 vision +, and the case is perfect, really worth it


16 Apr 2015

mon case HPRC 2700w-PHA2 est le meilleur que j'ai vue pour mon dji phantom 2 vision + il est durable, robuste, facile a transporter et tout mes composante entre parfaitement a l'interieur je recommande vivement ce produit !


16 Apr 2015

Case for Black Magic URSA with plenty of room to grow!


13 Apr 2015

Being such a fan of Pelican cases, I was skeptical at first, but buying the HPRC Case for DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ with Wheels was one of my best decisions ever ! It's well-made, incredible easy to use and has resisted to a lot of shoots outside and flights. Outstanding !


12 Apr 2015

The case a looks perfect! Is more interesting that all his competitors. Also the perfect communication in Official Plaber on-line store.


12 Apr 2015

Love the case! But it would be cool if there is an option for dubel layer for cubed inlay. So some can be big and little things don't go down all the way. Thank you :)


09 Apr 2015

Fantastic case. Just received it and I love it already!! 5*


09 Apr 2015

Una valigia funzionale e professionale soprattutto vista la grande resistenza agli urti. Il mio consiglio sarebbe di fissare con adesivo la parte superiore in spugna.

Jason McHugh

08 Apr 2015

The case is great and it holds and protect our Phantom Vision 2+ greatly.


07 Apr 2015

I'm really impressed with the HPRC case I bought for the Inspire 1. It's very well made and was a very good price compared to the other cases on the market.


07 Apr 2015

Awesome look and quality. We bought lots of cases in diferent sizes for our visual tools.


04 Apr 2015

Hello, My Dad gave me this little box and we made this cool Lego carrier so that I can take my favourite Lego character around with me. I can also fit his sword, gun and sholder protection in too. Well done HPRC. Thanks Dad..! Joshua LEWIS


04 Apr 2015

Love my HPRC case - it's great for transporting tripods, and now I've bought motion control equipment it all fits in my case! The cases are so durable too.


01 Apr 2015

l'una tira l'altra


01 Apr 2015

Nella nostra azienda utilizziamo le valigie HPRC per il trasporto di strumenti scientifici in campo. Massima protezione!


01 Apr 2015

Ottimo prodotto,e in più è made in italy


31 Mar 2015

Finally my Nikon d4s and his 5 lens has a wonderful case , a new HPRC 2730 W Cubed foam :-)


27 Mar 2015

This is one of the best ever cases I have ever bought. It is well made and the internal foam supports my Inspire 1 Quadcopter perfectly.


27 Mar 2015

I really like the case, it will house my DJI Phantom 2+ v3. Here are some changes that would be great: >The v3 controller does not require batteries, make that area a rectangle 3inches deep. >Carve out for rotor guards. >Make the charger area in such a way to limit the strain on the wire >Provide a slot which can accommodate standard notebook 8.5 x 11 >The phone slot needs to be large enough to accommodate an iPhone 6+ with a durable case.


26 Mar 2015

I love the way this Case Takes All of My Gear for my Multicopter


25 Mar 2015

Awesome case to carry my Phantom Vision + and all it's bits and pieces. Good solid construction - up there with other great Italian products such as Fiat & Ferrari - Thanks form New Zealand