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09 Jan 2015

Greet from TAIWAN! We bought two HPRC cases for the tripods and now they look like a family! The tall one is dad, and then mom, son, and the puppy dog. Pretty awesome, thank you guys!


08 Jan 2015

I just got my first HPRC case. I have been fitting my equipment into it since. I'm really excited about how much it will hold, how well built it feels, and all the convenient handles. I definitely had to be strategic to get what I needed in, but it's going to be so much easier than the previous case I had (a cheap brand with no carry handles or interior padding). I'm using this case to carry my camera and strobes for a portrait shooting setup. Eventually I'll add another case for my tripod, and light stands. My back thanks you HPRC!


07 Jan 2015

Devo dire che la valigia HPRC 2550W è veramente robusta ed esteticamente gradevole nonché professionale. Gli interni sono davvero di alta qualità, le mie ottiche sono davvero al sicuro. Possiedo anche la 2730w......il mio costoso Movie può fare la nanna in tutta tranquillità! ! Il top in assoluto.


07 Jan 2015

Wow Thanks HPRC our Walkie-Talkie set fit nicely in your case.


07 Jan 2015

Solid case, very sturdy construction and excellent price! Bought a Pelican for a different purpose and the HPRC is every bit as good if not better.


06 Jan 2015

I bought this for my new DJI Phantom 2Vision+ and it is incredible. Very high quality material and craftsmanship that fits all components of my Phantom perfectly. Despite its clearly durable construction, it is also reasonably lightweight. I love this case and would recommend it to anyone needing something for a similar purpose,


06 Jan 2015

great case - packed our new Canon 4k Cam in - love it !!!


06 Jan 2015

Perfect to protect our notebook!


04 Jan 2015

Awesome case for carrying my DJI Phantom Vision 2 Plus, looks like it can be thrown from a bridge and my drone would be intact and ready to fly. Has space for everything I need inside. It's nice not having to detach the props to store my Phantom. Has two holes for padlocks and with 4 latches it won't open unless I want it to. Has 4 handles and 2 wheels so I can carry it different ways. Heavy but protection has its costs. I look forward to buying more cases from HPRC to secure my items. Awesome. 5 Stars


04 Jan 2015

Here is a picture of my Phantom 2 Vision Plus inside your HPRC2700 case ready to go out for a Sunday. When I fly my quadcopter no matter what make or model I always enjoy fine cigars. So instead of using the cutout number 5 for the manual or notepad, my Romeo Y Julieta Churchhill cigars fit in there nicely and are protected for the day. You can not see it but my favorite cigar lighter fits in the center of space number 9. My Phantom, Cigars and lighter are safe and protected by my HPRC 2700, so I am ready to go fly and enjoy for the day.


03 Jan 2015

Great case for my Phantom 2!


01 Jan 2015

Great case for my new robot!


01 Jan 2015

Excellent case for my Phantom 2 Vision+. It has a place for everything!


27 Dec 2014

Awesome case for my new phantom 2!


25 Dec 2014

Really, REALLY strong looking and feeling! La mia nuova 2780W proteggerà i miei strumenti per la chirurgia orale in sedazione con monitoraggio multiparametro. Maneggiando queste valigie vien voglia di collezionarle per il piacevole senso di grande qualità tecnica che traspirano!


21 Dec 2014

Ho allestito questa valigia per il trasporto di macchine per lo screening della densità ossea. Sono estrememente delicate. Vengono trasportate per circa 1500 Km alla settimana Per la loro integrità, ho scelto HPRC.


20 Dec 2014

Great Case. Everything fit perfect and plenty of room for extras. Love the mini SD card case. Very rugged. Great case


17 Dec 2014

Fantastiche valigie. Mi sento molto più sereno trasportare la costosa attrezzatura foto video. Complimenti per la costruzione


16 Dec 2014

the cases are great! We even water tested them and it worked perfect.


12 Dec 2014

This is the way I use my 2550W case to carry photo gear. You're the best!!


10 Dec 2014

Grande Hprc!! Vengo da un'esperienza"Explorer" e devo dire che non c'è confronto:Hprc più leggero,più affidabile e,non guasta,più bello! Complimenti


08 Dec 2014

Molto buono, adesso giro il mondo, senza problemi, sono molto felice. Grazie HPRC. Ricardo


06 Dec 2014

This Case fit Every, Very Specific criteria I had for a very strange project. The 2550W is practically indestructible, and allowed me to build my dream computer.


05 Dec 2014

Prodotto di ottima qualità. Estremamente soddisfatto! Il migliore sul mercato.


05 Dec 2014

Top class case! Love the attention to detail; all pockets are carefully cut and there's extra for the inevitable extras! And sturdy enough to protect my drone in the toughest conditions.


02 Dec 2014

I have seen your cases around, and I am glad I finally bought 2.They are light weight and strong. Looks like I am going to change over from my heavier cases.Thank you Matteo for telling me about your products.


02 Dec 2014

Perfect to carry during my business trips through flights, trains and cars. Great resistance: it has protected the products in Syberia at -35°C!


02 Dec 2014

Doralin from NedPress Nederland. Happy to own a HPRC3500 backpack, used with no worries on a 2 weeks work trip in Caribbean island Dominican Republic. My expensive professional photo gear was well protected under heavy conditions like tropical sun with wind and sand on the beach, heavy raining in the forest, high speed boat trips on the sea, foggy and wet weather on top of mountains. To improve the case I could use 4 closing latches on the sides of my case, is so much better than the only 2. On my wish list is the condura bag for inside my HPRC 3500 case.

Peggy Wong

30 Nov 2014

You guys having road show in Expo Singapore 30th November 2014 and we found out your product is solid and quality with reasonable pricing ! This is our purchases !!


29 Nov 2014

Prodotti fantastici, praticamente indistruttibili !!!