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10 Jun 2014

Well really I am fully satisfaction about ur fast respond and the amazing solutions and the best customer service they promises me that the product will ready within 3 weeks and really they are on the their word plus the updating about each details of the product and the spec. Of it really I am looking forward to dealing with u guys in the near future I really enjoying ur customer service keep it like this and looking for more improvement and achieving for ur creativity


04 Jun 2014

Best in its class. We ship all of our High-End Electronic in your outstanding flight cases. Enjoy this Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD9Hhh-gezk


04 Jun 2014

After reading several reviews on different cases I decided to buy the HP2700WPHA2 for the DJI Phantom 2 Vision +. What a great decision, fits everything I need perfectly! Quality built product! Highly recommended!


02 Jun 2014

Sehr gute Verarbeitung, optimal für hochwertige Geräte in Verbindung mit Sonderschäumen.


29 May 2014



27 May 2014

Your cases are simply great!


25 May 2014

We used the case to buildin black magic mini converters. Used the 2100, 2200 and 2300 models


15 May 2014

Your case is perfect to bring our samples of luminaires!


02 May 2014

Finally bought a case for my phantom and this one is perfect! Thanks so much!


23 Apr 2014

Just bought this HPRC2700 case for my DJI Phantom Drone. Absolutly great case....


04 Apr 2014

Hi bought 2 cases one for my Phantom teh HPRC2700WPHA2 and another for the Camera and Lens HPRC2550CW. They are great and storng, cool to travel by plane and the clients ask me where i buy it because they are well made it and very nice aspect.

Van den Broeck

30 Mar 2014

Happy with all the Family !


29 Mar 2014

The HPRC customer service sent me an HPRC 2400 for protecting my giant binoculars (used for astronomy). I needed a strong case, and I am sure the HPRC 2400 is the one I needed! The customer service of HPRC is exceptional, like their products. I like especially the solidity of the case, and its design which is, to me, quite an achievement. I am not a professional used to working with such products, but I am convinced that breaking this case would be the result of a huge effort! Moreover, I am really surprised by weight of the case : it is really light, but very protective! I just have performed a simple watertightness test (because I will take the case on an island :)) and the case perfectly resists. Moreover, I have made a quick comparison with a friend's Pelicase 1450, which is a few millimeters smaller. Both cases are strong, but the the HPRC has a better locking system. And in my HPRC 2400, I can put my MBP 15". Eventually, the HPRC cubed foam is very easy to use, and is perfect even for complex shapes. To summarize, HPRC provides you high quality cases, with a perfect customer service!


27 Mar 2014

So many case to travel around the world for European films. Nice protection for our gear !


27 Feb 2014

Your excellent customer service helped me to get our demo kit back onto the road in a very short time frame.


20 Feb 2014

I want to recognize the excellent customer service I received from HPRC. I recently purchased a case for my DJI Phantom 2, but with the wrong foam. I contacted customer support to inquire about purchasing the foam, and within 18 hours they responded back to me to inform me that they were shipping the foam for free and shipping it for free. This type of service is rare to see anymore. I am very satisfied with the support I received. Thank you very much.


19 Feb 2014

I got in touch with HPRC cases on the 2013 NAB Show. By the end of the exposition I bought 2 cases (2730W & 2780W) and I couldn't be more happy. I work with aerial filming with drones and with this 2 cases I'm able to safely carry 3 drones + accessories without worries. During the last year I've traveled from north to south of Brazil, about 6 flight a month and the cases are as strong as new. I'm looking forward to this years booth at NAB !!!

Van den Broeck

19 Feb 2014

I have custom one of my 4 HPRC case. perfect !


05 Feb 2014

I fly with the 2600W almost every week, even though it is too big to be officially carry-on size it fits in most airplanes like Boeing 737 etc. Great case


13 Jan 2014

I love my HPRC 2500W. I swear by this product, for its construction, durability, size, and material choice. It has been with me on over 500 jobs in the course of 4 years. The perfect airplane companion. Even when not using it for jobs with my camera equipment inside. I started to use it on my leisure travels. I love having something I can sit and stand on while I am abroad, never know when you will find yourself on a long line or waiting around. This case just takes all the abuse i put it through, including accidentally falling off a moving car at 80mph, and nothing broke or distorted. The customer service and company policy is amazing, my handle broke after years of usage wear and tear, coming out of a airport baggage area. called the company in Italy, within week and a half I got my new handle. Now I look forward to my Phantom 2700wpha2 and telling the world about it. Keep making amazing products Love you guys!


11 Jan 2014

I would like to purchase a HPRC HPRC2700PHA2 for my product, but I am not sure where to purchase one? The HPRC 1400 case (22LT) sold me on your products craftmanship. Thanks. Keep up the good work


10 Jan 2014

My 2600W is "lifeproof" and 4yo boy that wants to ride it like a GoKart proof, too! I have my thinkTank Airport Backpack inside and can check it on a flight with no worries of anything breaking.


10 Jan 2014

My HPRC2400 case in BLUE is light and small enough to carry and capacious to hold all my action camera stuff.


17 Dec 2013

The New Phantom Case is really well constructed and durable. The extra compartments come in handy for your GoPro camera/accessories and other random parts.......