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HPRC 2460 per Sony Alpha 7

HPRC 2460 per Sony Alpha 7 è un'edizione speciale del modello base HPRC2460, progettata per trasportare in totale sicurezza la tua Alpha 7. Questa valigia può contenere: Sony Alpha 7 4 x Lenti Recorder esterno Atomos/Sound Device etc Accessori (baseplate, aste, maniglie, cavi, batterie, carica bat...
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182,00 €

Spedizione in giornata per ordini effettuati entro le ore 12

Spedizione gratuita per ordini con importo a partire da 350 €

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HPRC 2460 per Sony Alpha 7 è un'edizione speciale del modello base HPRC2460, progettata per trasportare in totale sicurezza la tua Alpha 7.

Questa valigia può contenere:

-Sony Alpha 7 

(Modelli: A7/ A7R / A7S / A7II/ A7RII / A7SII / a6300 con o senza cage professionali con ottica montata  EF/F/PL-Mount/Leica R)

-4 x Lenti 

 Sony FE 50/1.4,   50/2,8 Macro,   24-70/2.8 G, 85/1,4 G, 16-35/4,   24-70/4,    28-70/3.5-5.6,    28/2.0

 SONY ZA 35/2.8,   35/1.4,   50/1.4,  50/1,8 55/1.8/  10-18/4

 Zeiss Loxia  21/2.8, 35/2.0,  50/2.0

-Recorder esterno Atomos/Sound Device etc

-Accessori (baseplate, aste, maniglie, cavi, batterie, carica batterie, controller, GoPro)





Interne 409x306x175(mm) - 16.10x12.05x6.89(in)

esterne 434x371x193(mm) - 17.09x14.61x7.60(in)

coperchio 70(mm) - 2.76(in) bottom: 105(mm) - 4.14(in)




Tried sending remarks earlier and lost my internet. So in case you didn’t receive it... I am really impressed with the versatility and utility of this case. My Sony a7s11, lenses along with the cage and accessories fit snugly into your well engineered cutouts. I have been looking at cases for this camera for a while now and purchased the ALP2460 as soon as I saw it online. My only suggestion to improve it would be to be able to put some extra bits in the lid... but outstanding as it is and I am very happy, Many thanks, Stephen Hopes DOP Sydney, Australia


I think this case will do really well for my use! Fits to my gear nicely. Latches feel really snug & secure. Love having this case.


My first case, beautiful, solid and light : perfect for my new a7sII :)

Matt Lucier

Great case for someone looking to keep their A7 safe! has enough room to fit a good amount of lenses and acc. It feels hearty and trustable. I have already hit it against a couple of things on accident and it still looks brand new. The clamps can be hard to open and close at times and I have caught my fingers in them more times than I can count. Overall great produce and I love how customized it is for the Sony A7.

Hi Matt!! We're glad to see you appreciate the features of your new HPRC case! Thanks for sharing!  


Traveling with my camera equipmentwas always extremely stressful. I have had two lenses destroyed on airlines and got fed up with it. I am just a hobbyist, but this stuff is still expensive. Decided to order this as a birthday present to myself after I saw it listed on a blog. I am very impressed with it. Extremely affordable, and umbelievably tough. It fits everything I would need, and even has some room to spare. It may be overkill for my needs, but it is one less thing I have to worry about when traveling. The unique coloring and branding of this version looks pretty cool too. The foam layout does seem aimed more at those with video in mind. Not using a sound recorder or cage means some of the slots aren't a pefect fit for me. But as you can see, I found a good use for most of them.

Roy it's great for us see you appreciate the features of HPRC cases! Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. Enjoy your HPRC on the go now!

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